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IT Support

IT Support

Aurora Support Centre (ASC) helps ensure your systems are running smoothly and meets your demands for availability.

Through a combination of preemptive services, hardware support, and Operating System (OS) upgrades, ASC can help resolve technical issues quickly and effectively. From mission-critical services to basic self-maintenance support, you can get the support you need for your unique requirements. ASC provides four levels of support:



Pricing (monthly)

Email Accounts

Remote Backup Storage

On-site / Remote
support *


($5.00 each additional)

10 GB

2 hours


($5.00 each additional)

10 GB

4 hours


($5.00 each additional)

10 GB

8 hours (2 x 1/2 day)


($5.00 each additional)

50 GB

16 hours (1/2 day / week)

* minimum  30 minute increments
** additional hours at $120 / hour

2013 prices

Our technical support plans also include network documents outlining asset properties, topography and setup notes.  Any problems are documented using our issue tracking system.

Some conditions apply, please contact Aurora Online for further details.