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Email Archive

Email Archiving Features

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Email Archiving
Archives all incoming, outgoing and internal emails
Define email archiving rules
Attachment de-duplication
Message de-duplication
Archive compression & encryption
Email Discovery
Search entire company, department, user emails
Easy search for beginners
Expert search using query language
"CLI" search in expert mode  
Save and restore search queries
Automated searching per time period; results delivered by email
Infinite scrolling across all archived information

Search inside Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF,
RTF,ZIP,tar,gz and Open Office attachments

Word, Powerpoint, Excel, RTF, PDF, ZIP and OpenOffice attachments  
Import and display PST folders
importing PST files
Export emails en bulk to file
Restore emails en bulk to mail server
Print emails en bulk
Only one at a time  
View emails and header information
Email Compliance
Define retention policies
Index and display journal envelopes
Generate comprehensive journal reports in PDF/TIFF format
Legal Hold - Protect emails from being deleted by retention policies
Digital signing and verification of archives
Web Console
Access to archive from web console
Search through detailed audit logs
Import from Exchange, Google Apps, EML, 
EML, MBOX, Maildir, PST, IMAP, POP3, Google Apps, Office 365
Export to .EML
Fast search (60 million messages < 2 sec)
both archiving and search performance  
Passwords hashed & encrypted
Multiple language support (English, German, Russian, Japanese, etc.)
Currently: en, de, pt, hu
i18n is possible
Mail Server/s
Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/, Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, iMail, Lotus Notes, AXIGen, Communigate Pro, Neon Insight, Zimbra and others
anything that can forward a copy via SMTP (including Google Apps) + Google Apps free edition via IMAP  
Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, Google Apps