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XIMMIX Web Portal

XIMMIX Web Portal

Aurora Online offers a unique and easy-to-use solution for those who want to create and edit their own business websites.  The XIMMIX web portal caters to any small business, even if they have little experience in web development.  XIMMIX allows users to update and change their sites with ease.

Is your business looking to make the internet pay?

Our XIMMIX portal is an excellent way to access the buying power of your customers, over the internet.  With XIMMIX you can easily manage products, view orders and track payments.  XIMMIX can integrate with various online transaction services to ensure that customer information is secure and payments can be made with several popular credit cards.

XIMMIX is built using PHP, the popular scripting lanuage, and MySQL, the widely-used database management system.


  • Web Page Management
    • Manage and edit multiple pages on one domain.
    • Control which types of users can view a page.
    • Edit a site easily with embedded toolbars.
    • Edit content using the popular CKeditor, including HTML source editing
    • Full support for graphics and Flash elements.
    • Add dynamic XIMMIX components, such as directory viewers and email submission forms.
    • Make pages consistent using fully customizable templates.
    • Support for CSS style settings.
  • Button Controls
    • Automatically creates buttons; no need for a graphics package.
    • Or create custom buttons, using any graphics or colours.
    • Use “button suites” to create multi-layered menus for easy site navigation.
    • Change buttons with a fast-access right-click menu.
    • Create styles for all the buttons across a site
  • News & Events
    • Show visitors recent news on the site, or events your company may be a part of.
    • Users can register for events using built-in XIMMIX features.
    • System can generate "door-lists", showing names and contact info for all event registrants.
    • Edit news and events with simple right-click menu.
    • Built-in settings for all aspects of events, including a link to the location using Google Maps.
    • Support for RSS feeds.
  • Member/User Registration
    • Manage all the members of your site with a complete menu system.
    • Support for all types of contact data.
    • Control who can view certain pages using user permissions. 
  • Support for online shopping carts.
  • Track all statistics for websites, including number of visitors and browser types.
  • Built-in "Printer-Friendly Page" button.
  • And more features are always being added!

More Information

If you or your company is interested in the XIMMIX web portal, contact us for a demonstration and further information.

Aurora Online also offers website development services, web hosting solutions, and IT support plans for any kind of technical issue.

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