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Remote Backup

Remote Backup

Aurora Online Backup is an easy-to-use system designed for automatic backup of your critical data to our remote backup servers. Restoring is as easy as clicking a button, but you can also use a number of advanced options. The system can be also used to synchronize files between two computers on a network.

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful backup solution for your business or for your personal needs in a networking environment or on a single machine, you have just found it.

  • Integrated ZIP Compression  

You can either copy files to their destination as-is or employ built-in multi-choice ZIP compression to minimize your time online and storage space used.

  • 128 Bit Encryption

We offer you 128-bit encryption support, which is now the highest level of protection used in Internet communications. Secure your data and do not worry about unauthorized access any more.

  • Flexible and Powerful Scheduler

A versatile scheduler makes it easy to define the backup plan and run backup and recovery tasks automatically from hourly to monthly basis. At any time you can do your backup manually or modify backup schedule to fit your needs. Option to run backup process on log on/log off is provided.

  • Custom File and Folder Selection Criteria
  • And many other features…
    • Backup with timestamps and versions;
    • Drag & drop interface;
    • Option to remove old files from the destination folder;
    • An ability to create a new folder at a remote FTP server;
    • Options to set any other program run before/after running your backup Item;
    • E-mail notification about operation results;
    • Restore of selected files only;
    • Possibility to perform full and incremental backup/restore;
    • Uninstall option.

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